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Where did the name "dot8 Design" come from?

It is part of the room number of one of my favorite hotel rooms.

What's with the shower?

It is not a shower, it is my think-tank, the running water provides "white noise" to put me in the moments, all distractions gone. All my thoughts are directed inward, addressing whatever problem I am working on. Some projects take a bit more "think-tank" time, thus cost a bit more.

Can you design a business card in 15 minutes?

Can I, yes, will I, no. Your business card is often the first impressiona your client will receive. It is also the physical link that stays behind when you leave. Does that seem like something that relates to speed? Should probably toss in a cliche for effect, like, you never get a second chance at a first impression, or, never wear sunglasses at night. Both valid.

You are well known as a photographer, does that help or hinder as a designer?

Photography is all about the eye, seeing light, patterns, inspiration, seeing a different take on a common item. Those same skills bring life to a design.

How can you do print, radio, social media and web?

More to the point, how can you not do it all as one unit, one message?

What is with the boat?

That was the view out of the hotel room.

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